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You will find great resources for you and your family as you work to create a healthy lifestyle with food choices, etc.

Comparison of Laundry Detergent

​As long as we are wearing clothes, we are in contact with residues of the detergent we are washing our clothes in. Here, we cover which laundry detergents are less of a chemical burden on our bodies than others.

The Truth About What Could Be In Your Deodorant That You Will Want To Avoid​

​Deodorant is a staple in most all of our daily routines. Unfortunately, it is a source of toxins. Watch our short video to learn which toxins to look out for.

Importance of Drinking Water and Staying Hydrated

​Although drinking water is basic, it is important. This short video touches on some of the reasons why staying hydrated is important as well as how much water to be drinking each day.

Benefits of Salt

In this video we take a look at salt, some of the benefits it has for our health and which form of salt is the best!

Scars & How They Affect Organ Function

One of the most unlikely suspects that prevent the body from functioning properly. Learn how this affects organ function and how easily it can be resolved.

Simple Ingredient Swaps to Make Eating Healthier Easier

​Eating healthier can be challenging at first. Knowing how to easily swap ingredients can help make it just that much easier!

Standard Process Whole Food Supplements

Learn about the importance of whole-food supplementation and how we're giving the body genuine replacement parts.

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