At Brennan Family Chiropractic and Nutrition Center, our motto is "Where Our Family Cares For Yours!" We see people of all ages in order to enhance the health of your family and our community.

Our purpose is to help you achieve optimal health naturally through the use of Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Brain-based Wellness, Whole Food Nutrition and education of healthy lifestyle habits.

We take an integrated approach and work together as a team to make sure your healthcare needs are met. One client at a time, we teach you how to take back your own health and continue to improve it for a lifetime!

Dr. Jarrod Brennan

Doctor of Chiropractic

Nutrition Response Testing Advanced Clinical Master

Certified QNRT Practitioner (Brain Based Wellness)

Dr. Jarrod has been a Chiropractor since 2002. One of the reasons he went to Chiropractic school was because of past sports injuries that medically they could not find anything wrong. So he set out on a path that had always helped with recovery from those injuries, and that was Chiropractic. He has helped many people with their overall health through Chiropractic and enjoyed every part of it. In 2008 he set out to help patients even more by learning and utilizing Nutrition Response Testing. This has helped patients achieve a more optimum level of health and function that Chiropractic was just a band-aide for. This has helped him not only improve his own health but, also the health of his family and patients.

Dr. Melissa Brennan

Doctor of Chiropractic

​FICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association)

Nutrition Response Testing Advanced Clinical Master

Certified QNRT Practitioner (Brain Based Wellness)

Certified Acupuncturist

​Since 2006, Dr. Melissa Brennan and her husband, Dr. Jarrod, have focused on care for the whole family. Dr. Melissa has certifications in Pediatrics, Pregnancy, Webster Technique, Acupuncture, and Nutrition Response Testing.

In 1997, Dr. Melissa was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. After many years of being on medications and suffering from complications (such as kidney disease, arthritis, sunsensitivity, butterfly rash, and extreme fatigue), she was motivated to find a more natural approach to treating her disease. She became a Doctor of Chiropractic in 2004 which started her on the road to a healthier, drug-free lifestyle.

Today, Dr. Melissa’s lupus is in complete remission. She attributes her health to Chiropractic, Acupuncture, a Whole Food Diet, and Nutritional Supplements. She has taken what most consider an “unfortunate disease of lupus” and turned it into a huge blessing and wonderful opportunity to help others seek more natural ways to improve their health and maintain it for a lifetime.

Dr. Michelle Reisinger

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Michelle has been practicing chiropractic since 2004. After suffering a horseback riding injury at age 16 she was able to heal naturally utilizing chiropractic. Since becoming a chiropractor, she has helped many patients over the years with various conditions and injuries regain their health and stamina. She is a caring and experienced chiropractor who is happy to help you on your journey to improving your health!

Dr. Brandi Blattner

Doctor of Chiropractic

Sports Emphasis

Dr. Brandi interned with our office for 7 months prior to graduating in November of 2022 from Northwestern School of Health Sciences. She has been a patient at Brennan Health since she was 11 years old and decided in undergrad that becoming a Chiropractor was the right choice for her. One of the main reasons she chose Chiropractic was in her junior year of high school while playing basketball, she tore her ACL and meniscus. With the addition of Chiropractic treatment and Nutrition Response Testing, she was able to speed up her recovery in 8 months and go on to win a state championship in basketball her senior year of high school. She is excited to be treating patients and offering them health!

Christina Miller

Certified Splankna Practitioner (Faith Based Brain Wellness)

Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner

Christina found her passion for holistic health halfway through getting her Bachelors of Science in Counseling Psychology. After graduating, in 2015, she started working at BFCNC as a patient advocate, educating patients on how to achieve their best health on their nutrition program. Christina greatly benefited from Chiropractic and Nutrition - these services were a huge part in keeping her healthy, providing relief from allergies, as well as allowing her to thrive after a torn ACL injury. When the Brennan's noticed the emotional health of patients was impacting their physical health they sought out emotional healing services. Naturally, Christina wanted to use her God-given gifts and help patients heal on an emotional level. She became a certified Splankna Therapist. She now is part of helping patients heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. ​

Chelsea Fischer

Office Manager

BS Accounting & Business Administration

I have been working with BFCNC since 2004. When I started working at Brennan Family Chiropractic and Nutrition Center, Nutrition and Chiropractic were completely new to me. I thought Chiropractic was just for people with back pain, I learned very quickly it is so much more. Every day I am amazed at the amount of people that are helped through the services offered at our office. I love hearing success stories on a daily basis and being able to see the patients grow into healthier, happier people. I love being part of an office that has a goal to help as many people as possible take their health back and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Personally, I don’t know where I would be without these services. For years, I had continuous issues with swelling in my ankles accompanied by severe leg pain. It got to the point where any sort of activity/movement or even sitting at my desk would cause swelling. It was a lose – lose situation for me. The simplest things like wearing ankle socks became a chore and by the end of the day I would have marks in my ankles from the elastic up until the next morning. Through implementing the proper nutritional supplements and diet into my lifestyle, I can proudly say I have ankles again, am pain free in my leg, able to continue with activity as before and just the other day, I wore ankle socks all day and came home to find no marks at all! I have come to realize that these “little” things are truly big WINS and more people need to be aware of how Nutrition and Chiropractic can change their lives for the better! Honestly, I feel there is nothing that BFCNC can’t help with. This is the first and only place I come when I am having any sort of issue because I know I will get the answers and results I am seeking. I am thankful for being part of this team so that I can continue to help myself, my family and the community!

Ailee Romnes

Patient Services Coordinator

Ailee joined Brennan Health with a personal passion for health and fitness. Following high school graduation she joined YWAM and utilized her Cross-Fit L1 certification in the mission's field. She has seen personal healing through Brennan Chiropractic care specifically related to various sport's injuries. Ailee enjoys being personally involved in the health journey of our patients.

McKenna Cape

Patient Services Coordinator

I joined BFCNC in June of 2021, and have loved getting to know all of the patients we see here! I am currently working towards a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, as I have a passion for relating with people, hearing their stories, and creating true connection. I have seen personal health wins through all of the services at BFCNC, with my biggest victories coming in the form of emotional healing. I struggled with insecurity and fear of rejection, and while I am still a work in progress, I have seen incredible improvement in my emotional health that has allowed me to live with so much more freedom! QNRT and Splankna have allowed me to understand how my mind operates and how I can be free from negative patterns that keep me from living the way I was designed. I love seeing patients encounter the physical and emotional healing they need to experience the freedom that I have also experienced!

Heather Schuster

Patient Services Coordinator

MACFM-Children's & Family Ministry

BS-Broadcast Journalism & Mass Communications

Heather spent her early career years in the radio industry before being called into family ministry for 7 years. Now after many years homeschooling, she is delighted to be serving patients at Brennan Health. Her entire family has seen overwhelming healing through detoxing and in many areas of health including allergies, digestive issues and headaches. Heather loves the opportunity to bless patients with encouragement, prayer and a sincere care for the healing of our patients. She believes the holistic health industry is about to explode as we become increasingly aware that our bodies were created to heal when given the right nutrients!

Moriah Ebner

Patient Services Coordinator

Moriah has been a chiropractic patient for many years, and has experienced personal healing through adjustments after a car accident in 2020. She has enjoyed learning about other holistic medicine options since joining BFCNC, and is grateful to have a place to help others on their journey to better health.

Rachel Gauwitz

Patient Services Coordinator

Patient Advocate

I joined Brennan Family Chiropractic & Nutrition Center in 2020. With my bachelors in Recreational Therapy, I was able to help people experience mind & whole body wellness, but only on the surface level in my career. Something was missing for me. I couldn't quite pin-point it, but people weren't truly thriving from the inside out. Also, ever since 2010, I’ve watched my mom’s debilitating arthritis keep her in an electric cart at the grocery store; however, when she started Chiropractic & Nutrition at BFCNC, she was off all her meds within a year, walking again, & thriving! Because of my sweet mom’s story, I couldn’t help but take an interest in nutrition & the root causes of the auto-immunities today. Personally, I was told as a kid, “You’re lactose intolerant; there’s nothing to change that, but when you eat dairy, just take this pill with it.” I wasn’t convinced that I had to have that my whole life. And as an adult, I experienced whiplash from a car accident. After coming to BFCNC, I found that with consistent adjustments & fueling my body with whole foods & supplements, I feel renewed & happy that I am getting to the root cause of my sensitivities. I can turn my neck now without pain and my shoulders are loosening & less tight. My overall health feels amazing, with my bloating down & my energy back up. And for the record, I can have dairy again without pain. I realize now what was missing for my clients when I worked as a Rec Therapist: their nutrition. It was ignored and I could see the effects of it. When you give the body the support it needs, it can truly heal itself which is what it was created to do.

Dalia King

Patient Advocate

When I started working at the Brennan’s, I began learning about all the amazing benefits of each service. I dove right in, and I have already seen improvements in the first couple of months of starting. I look forward to continuing my healing journey through brain based wellness (Splankna & QNRT), whole food nutrition, and chiropractic care. I love being in a caring, loving, faith-based environment. I’m excited to stand alongside our patients and help them along in their healing journey!

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