"Before coming to Brennan, I was suffering from frequent headaches that would leave me bedridden. At times they were so bad that I would develop a golf ball-sized bulge on the side of my head from inflammation. I was also extremely tired every day; all of the time. After starting my nutrition program, I recently noticed I haven’t had a SINGLE headache in weeks! I’m sleeping better and I have more energy throughout the day. I also no longer panic over detox symptoms anymore and I am able to understand that my body is healing & getting better."

H. B.

"I was anxious, having menstrual migraines, and living on gingerade and chicken soup due to daily nausea. My mind was foggy and I was extremely forgetful. I tried massage, chiropractic, Aleve, and rescue medication but everything persisted and my migraines were mimicking heart attack symptoms. I was scared and decided to try Nutrition Response Testing at Brennan. Within two days of beginning the program my nausea was gone. Two weeks later a migraine was due and it never came! Three more cycles came and went with no migraines. My brain fog is gone and my nausea hasn’t returned. I look forward to my appointments with Kara and Christina as I continue to heal and they are so understanding and caring. I tell anyone who will listen how incredible Brennan is!"


​Fatigue and Lack of Energy

"It was very hard to get through the day. I would have to be in bed by 5:30 or 6 PM every night. If I wanted to do something at night I would have to rest during the day so I would have enough energy. I started the NRT program, ate healthy, and started juicing whole, raw foods. I also started taking Organo Spores. I call the spores my magic pill because they help tremendously with my energy levels! Last night I stayed up until 10:30 and had to work at 6:30 am—I feel great today! People also are commenting that my hair looks gorgeous, I look beautiful and have a glow, and that I’ve been gaining muscle!"


Depression and Sleep Issues

"I battled with depression and struggled to get much done. It was hard to go to school and work. I had suicidal thoughts and struggled with constant fatigue. I made an NRT appointment and started to take Fields of Flowers consistently. I am full of life again and capable of getting my daily tasks done. I also have more energy!"


"I was very depressed and felt there was nothing else I could do. My family noticed and became worried. I wondered if the symptoms were all in my head. Now, after starting on the nutrition program, I feel 90% better after only a couple short months! Others have noticed I am feeling better too."


"From the moment our daughter was born she wouldn’t sleep except in 30 to 45 minute increments. She was so unhappy. After two months we went to Brennan because the normal doctor ideas didn’t work or we didn’t agree with them. I was breastfeeding and we found out the sleep issues were because I was eating wheat. Within a week or two after cutting out wheat in my diet she was sleeping in four to five hour increments. When we had to switch to formula they helped her with her upset stomach and constipation. Now, she is a great sleeper and has no digestive issues. It was such a blessing to everyone involved. Brennan was a life and sanity saver."


"I was not sleeping well at night, and was waking up in pain several times a night. I had pain in my joints, elbows, toes, fingers, and ankles. I also had swelling in my fingers, napped almost every day, and had bloating after eating. Now, I sleep through the night most nights, haven’t had pain waking me up during the night, or pain in my joints anymore!! So grateful for Brennan Chiro! No bloating anymore and I rarely nap."

S. F.

Anxiety/Panic Attacks

"Symptoms before being seen for Nutrition Response Testing were severe bloating, cramping, gas, abdominal pain with food, feeling run down all the time, severe anxiety with panic attacks and palpitations, “flighty” thought process, studdering, and a foggy mind. Now, I haven’t had to take prescription meds for IBS, no issues with bloating, am able to go out to eat without worrying about IBS, have more energy and less mid-day sleepiness, no panic attacks since addressing issues, am less foggy and can concentrate better, and less allergy symptoms."


"I was having panic attacks daily and depression. I had numbness and tingling in my right hand and arm, leg and head. My panic attacks are better, I sleep better and my numbness is gone."

R. G.


"Before starting the nutrition program, I always had allergies that were especially bad since childhood. I would always get colds every fall, and I would get sick right after being around cats because of that allergy too. Since being on the nutrition program, my sinus issues are far few and in-between, and I can handle being around cats better, and don’t get a cold after being around them now. I am so grateful for all the help I received from BFCNC!"


"One of my primary complaints when I started NRT was severe allergies. I was told (by my Medical Doctor) I was allergic to dust, pollen, and mold, which meant I dealt with congestion headaches, and itchy eyes most of the year. I relied on two prescriptions plus over-the-counter medications when that wasn’t enough. Within a month of starting at Brennan, (it was my choice to) drop all prescriptions and over-the-counter medications and I haven’t needed them since. I occasionally get minor congestion but reach for “food” instead. It’s been just over a year and I am more and more thankful as I listen to friends dealing with “a bad allergy season” and I have no symptoms."



“I had given up hope of ever feeling good again. I thought trying nutrition was a strange idea but I thought I would give it a try when a friend mentioned the Brennan’s. Now, after being on the nutrition program, I have lost 30 pounds, am down to only two medications and I feel good!”


“At my first appointment I was highly stressed, full of anxiety, and struggling with weight (especially around my stomach) for my work. I realized quickly that I needed to make a change and starting with my diet was a logical step, but I needed help. I needed to learn how to eat right and discover what my body was missing to help heal it properly. Currently, as I progressed through the program my stress reduced and my anxiety waned. I’m on a constant intake of vitamins and nutrients that my body needs to not only maintain my level of activity but also to heal itself from stress. My diet has improved significantly and I’ve lost more than 20 pounds, while managing my stress and anxiety in productive ways!”


Arthritis and Blood Pressure

"I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis 12 years ago. I started with medicine to solve this disease but switched to Nutrition Response Testing at the Brennan’s for all of my medical care. I had constant pain in my hands and feet and had to use the electric cart at the grocery store. I have also had thyroid issues, menstrual headaches, and fatigue. I later added chiropractic care due to spine, hip and pelvis pain. Now, after consistent care and patience, I am pain free and medicine free. I do not take any medicine for arthritis or my thyroid (worked with an MD to get off of these). I only take the supplements that are testing well for me by the Brennan’s Nutrition Center along with eating clean, healthy food that they have suggested to eat. I also stretch and strengthen my muscles with Pilates exercises and use the recumbent bike for cardio. NO ELECTRIC CARTS FOR ME!"


Back Pain

"I used to have horrible back pain. I would take eight Ibuprofen most days to help with the pain, and even then, it usually didn’t help very much. I also would get a horrific noon headache everyday so I would take three Excedrin in the morning to prevent it. I was exhausted, tired, and stressed. I haven’t needed to take medication for the back pain once I started the NRT program. I started running and doing the Beach Body on Demand workout program—something I wasn’t able to do before because of my back. I only have to take an Excedrin about once a month when the weather fluctuates a lot. I’m so thankful for how the NRT program has helped me."


"I had a sudden onset of sever low back pain and spasms. The staff at BFCNC was amazing, they immediately took me in and the whole body approach of healing including chiropractic adjustments, Nutrition Response Testing, acupuncture and other modalities had me up and walking within several hours. I needed supportive care over the following week. I am now pain free and have been since about 10 days post flare-up. I am thankful for the kind, caring team at BFCNC who took time to get me back on my feet and healthy again!"


Stomach Issues

"I had a strong addiction to ibuprofen before coming to Brennan’s. I experienced a lot of stomach pain and would routinely take ibuprofen to help with the pain. I also suffered from heartburn and acid reflux. Any time my stomach pain would bother me, I’d take more ibuprofen. It probably made it worse. I started nutrition at Brennan’s in August and almost immediately my supplements helped my stomach pain. They suggested Cataplex ACP to me, a natural alternative to ibuprofen, and it made an incredible difference. I haven’t taken ibuprofen since September. I think this supplement is way better than ibuprofen is."


"I’ve been on the program for about a month and I’m happy with my progress so far. I used to have very intense stomach pains and food would irritate my bowels. Eating stressed me out and it interfered with my everyday life. If I went out to eat I’d have to run home right afterwards. Now, my stomach pain has subsided, my bowels don’t get as irritated, and I am eating foods I haven’t eaten in a really long time. It feels weird not to be in pain, I almost feel human again!"



"I had issues with ADHD, runny and stuffy nose, and was having problems sleeping. Now my sleep problems are almost gone, my nose issues are 75% better and I have noticed a change in my ADHD."


"My son was very hyper and had a lot of out bursts, which were hard for people to control. Due to his outbursts he was even kicked out of the YMCA program because they could not handle him. He craved foods like ice cream and chips and would eat all of it at one time. Since starting the program he has calmed down quite a bit. His outbursts have decreased and the amount of time his out bursts would last has also decreased. He has started a new program with ARSYS and we have only had two bad days and that was due to a medication problem. Changing food has been hard but we have found some things he likes. When giving him food like ice cream we see a big change in him, he turns very angry and hard to deal with."


Chiropractic Testimonies

Ear Infections and Respiratory Issues

“My daughter had been suffering from chronic ear infections and upper respiratory issues since she was a baby. After she had her ear tubes, she still had ear infections and her chronic cough still remained constant. I think that bringing her in has helped a lot. She seems less congested and hopefully the ear infections will not be as common from now on. It’s a good feeling to actually listen to my daughter and not have to listen to all that congested noise at all times. I now know that I don’t have to worry about her getting ear infections every time that she gets a cold.”



“My daughter had terrible colic. At 2 weeks old, she cried uncontrollably for 2-3 hours every night. At 6 weeks, the doctor put her on an acid blocker. With little improvement we decided to try chiropractic care. We have had one adjustment so far (at 8 weeks old) and there was a vast improvement in her temperament that day. She cried due to her being uncomfortable only for about 15-20 minutes that night. She is more comfortable in different positions now that she wouldn’t have been comfortable in before. I would highly recommend Dr. Melissa Brennan for a colicky baby!”

Daughter K.M.

Acid Reflux

“My son was spitting up a lot and throwing up after each feeding. (The medical doctor was recommending medication and we didn’t want to do that so we came to see Dr. Melissa.) (After a few adjustments) he is spitting up a lot less and not projectile vomiting at all.”

Son M.W.

Low Back Pain

"I came to Brennan with lower back pain so severe that I had to wait two days to be able to move enough to get into a car, holding on to the overhead handle the entire ride. I couldn't sit at all, and when I laid down it was with the knowledge that any move I made to get up would be excruciating and take me an hour or two to complete. After three weeks of frequent treatment, first daily then several times a week, accompanied by dietary changes, I was well enough to resume normal activities. Along the way, the staff was knowledgeable, compassionate and encouraging in the extreme. In the weeks since, I have regained all previous range of motion, have been without pain, and am grateful for both my rapid recovery and the improvement in my energy and clarity under the new dietary approach."


"I was in a lot of pain. My neck and shoulders, my legs and lower back were hurting all the time. Now, the pain is just about gone. My legs aren’t sore anymore and I feel like a new man. I can do things now that I couldn’t before. Plus, I have less fatigue."


Neck Pain

"Before getting chiropractic adjustments, I would regularly have back and neck pain and tightness. Now, after a short time, I don’t have the issues that were bothering me before. My quality of sleep has also noticeably improved. The waking up at night with a sharp pain in the middle of my back has not been there since coming for adjustments. I am very happy with the results of my visits."


"I had horrible neck pain before starting chiropractic care - so bad that I couldn’t turn my neck without pain and I could only sleep on one side. Within just a couple adjustments, the pain was gone. I still needed frequent adjustments for a while, but the pain was gone. It was fabulous. Before starting nutrition I had reoccurring bouts of mastitis. Both my infant son and I were cranky. It took several months and some dietary adjustments but the improvement has been great. Three plus years later, we are both still on the program.

My chiro visits are monthly maintenance visits except for when my work stressors increase. If I am out of alignment, I can totally tell it. We also continue to have nutrition response testing monthly and though we have occasional setbacks, things usually clear up quickly. Best of all we know the warning signs our body sends before we come for a visit."


Shoulder Pain

"I was in a lot of pain. My neck and shoulders, my legs and lower back were hurting all the time. Now, the pain is just about gone. My legs aren’t sore anymore and I feel like a new man. I can do things now that I couldn’t before. Plus, I have less fatigue."


"Before coming to Brennan Family Chiropractic and Nutrition Center I had right shoulder and arm pain. I had to ice my shoulder 2-3 times per day and I couldn’t sit through a concert without extreme pain. Driving and riding in the car was also very painful. Now I am hugely better and almost no icing. Car rides are no problem and hand and arm strength is gradually improving."


Hip, Low Back and Mid Back Pain

“I was having hip, lower back, and mid back pain. It was painful to sit, stand or lay in the same position for long periods of time. I feel so much better! My hip pain is very minimal and no longer notice back pain. I also noticed that I have more energy and sleep well throughout the night! Thanks Dr. Melissa and Staff at Brennan Family Chiropractic and Nutrition Center.”

N. D.

Brain Based Wellness Testimonies

Based-Brain Wellness utilizing QNRT

"Being on the NRT program has brought about a lot of positive changes to my system and well-being over time. My migraines are less frequent, I can better tolerate different fragrances that would always crash my system. Some foods that were a big NO for me I can now have on occasion. When I became over stressed I did QNRT to help alleviate the symptoms causing some of my issues. I had knee swelling and lower back pain for quite awhile that Chiro adjustments or regular NRT testing would not resolve. After doing 1 QNRT session the knee swelling and the lower back pain were greatly improved. Thank You Dr. Melissa!"


"My QNRT experience was as amazing as I was hoping it would be. I’ve been stuck in a rut for years of “getting in my own way”. I’ve been wishing and hoping for someone to just be able to reach in and “turn off the switch” of self-sabotage. That’s what I feel like QNRT did for me. I found out that I was holding on to a memory that made me feel shame and victimized at the age of 7. For years, I have critiqued myself constantly in my head and quite often out loud to others because I basically figured “someone’s critiquing me anyway, I’ll just get it out of the way for them”. Once Dr. Melissa helped me release that by resetting me, I now feel FREE. I can now picture that same experience, and instead of standing there feeling shame and victimized, I feel the ability to picture myself just shrugging my shoulders and walking away. This “emotional freedom” is so huge and just what I’ve been seeking but was unable to find. I feel like I’ve lost 100 pounds of stress off my brain. Thank you Dr. Melissa and QNRT!"


"I have been very impressed with my QNRT sessions. I know that the mind is very powerful, and that toxic thinking can have a huge impact on our physical health. The sessions have helped me become more aware of how our brains can take different situations, and correlate them without us consciously being aware of that, which also affects our bodies. I have experienced the benefits of getting my mind calmed, helping me to be more productive, and getting refocused, when I couldn’t figure out why I was so “off”. The cool thing is that what organs showed in my QNRT sessions, would correlate with what showed up in my NRT sessions. I love that the Brennan’s brought in this tool so that the brain/mind can have as awesome support as the rest of my body does in NRT and Chiropractic! It truly is another puzzle piece to my health that has made a big difference."


"Prior to QNRT, a big thing I lacked was self-love. There was self-doubt, self-sabotage, self-pity, and the list goes on. I often questioned if I was even loveable. I constantly worried about what people thought of me, and I would uncomfortably point out what I considered to be all of my flaws “so others would know I realize there’s an issue”. My relationship with my spouse had become strained. I was in a very unhappy place, feeling alone and hopeless about a lot of things, convinced it would probably never get better. I have other tools to help me with peace of mind, but those tools alone just didn’t have me truly believing that I was going to find a happier “me”. QNRT has helped me find feelings and thoughts I had created from past experiences and set me on a new path. With each appointment, I found something that had been troubling me that I may not have even been aware bothered me so badly. I kept hoping one certain event would show up, as it was something I really wanted to get past. I suddenly realized after one particular reset that my mind had been freed of the feelings I had been struggling with regarding this specific life situation, but we hadn’t even discussed it at the appointment! This just proved to me how my brain had been wired to have the same thinking patterns leading to the same feelings and outcomes for pretty much all of my life. What I thought was being reset for one situation caused a domino effect for other situations. Freeing these feelings from my mind lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders. I’m still a work in progress, like everyone, but I feel so hopeful that things will only continue to get better. I’m finding myself, and enjoying what I’m discovering about how great it is to be a “happier me”. It’s much quieter in my head these days. My marriage is stronger than ever. I’m loving myself and realizing all I have to offer to this world and everyone around me just by being me. I’ve even brought prayer into my life and am loving the power it has. The entire Brennan team has helped me so much on my journey to healthiness. I’m forever grateful to have crossed paths with such caring people."


Faith-Based Brain Wellness utilizing Splankna

"I was extremely panicky about my health before coming to Brennan Family Chiropractic. Now, I am no longer worried about my health because I now feel like I am on the right path and have faith in what I am doing with my healing journey at Brennan’s through doing the Nutrition program, Chiropractic and Splankna."


"My blood pressure was always elevated and for a time I took prescribed meds to help lower it, which did not work. I decided that being on medication was not for me. Even though I was on the NRT program at BFCNC, my blood pressure was higher than the medical doctors liked. One night as I stood up, the room was spinning, I was dizzy and couldn’t stand on my own. I could feel my heart pounding in my ears. I took my blood pressure and it was quite high. By the time we got to the ER, my blood pressure was 190/106. Lots of tests were ran, but everything came back normal. After several hours, my blood pressure started to come down and I was allowed to go home. I decided to try Faith-Based Brain Wellness with Christina, and after one session, my blood pressure came down into the normal range and has stayed there. Thank You Christina!"


"I was having continuous nightmares. They were extremely vivid and violent. I would wake up sweating and not be able to calm myself as the nightmares seemed so real. I received a Splankna session from Christina and the nightmares went away completely! I have been able to sleep through the night without any nightmares! I am so grateful for Christina and this tool!"


"I’ve been working with Christina for a few months now and have been very satisfied with the results! My daily level of anxiety has decreased exponentially, leaving more emotional space to experience and enjoy life more fully. I’ve been able to focus more on the relationships around me instead of being overtaken by my fears and insecurities.

Speaking of relationships, I’ve been able to work through long-standing familial relational blocks. This has opened the door to a new-found and developing mentorship, as well as making a way for open and honest conversations that lead to conflict resolution instead of emotional walls.

In addition, I’ve found the confidence to embark on a small business venture, something I would not have even had the mental/emotional space to work on had I not dealt with some past issues.

Splankna has heightened my awareness about the importance of living as a whole being. I understand now the ramification that harmful thought patterns and unresolved emotions have upon not only my personal being, but also on those around me. I am thankful for all that I’ve learned through these sessions and am glad I have these tools in my tool chest for the future."


"I am so Thankful and so Grateful to God and the Brennans for implementing such an incredible program in with all the other wonderful things they do here! Splankna WORKS! Aside from sweet Christina (who is wonderful by the way), the power of prayer that is included in this program is very important to me. I have overcome other obstacles through this program but by far the most amazing was the last one. Understand, I was addicted to sugar. Most people would think, yeah, I know, I love chocolate, or I like to have something sweet after I eat, but this was not just a sweet tooth my friends; this was an all-out, full blown, every fiber of my being addiction. The thoughts were literally constant. I would send my kids to the store to buy me candy; hide treats in my room; eat whole boxes of twinkies; even take sweets that I had thrown away in disgust back out of the garbage can to get one more taste! My whole life was coated in sugar from childhood right up until the day of Splankna. My parents were the same, I remember my dad literally drinking Karo syrup out of the bottle! The last incident was me going to a bakery and buying a pear tart; just as I got home I was busted by my son Scott (Brennan employee), he took the tart out of my hands, asked “what are you doing with that”, went out and tossed it in the garbage bin outside (that one I did not dive after), but I fully intended to eat the whole thing. Talk about embarrassing. Through Splankna I learned it was a generational issue that went back three generations, and nearly 60 years of my life; this Madness ALL ended that day! (tears) No One, unless they too have a true addiction, can know the battles I have had, or the shame and disgust I have felt toward myself because I could not, no matter what I did, control it on my own until now. I am humbled, and forever grateful for this new freedom."


"I wasn't sure what to expect when starting Splankna, but I am exceedingly glad that I did. Since beginning my regular visits with Christina, I have experienced numerous positive changes & victories in many different aspects of my life. Some of the most notable would include being able to adapt a new sense of self-worth after having lived in absence of that for many years, breaking generational issues that have plagued one side of my family for decades, which opened the door for a significant, positive shift in the understanding & improvement of my relationship with my father, as well as breaking through some frustrating barriers in my faith journey, that lifted the veil to a more personal, intimate, and loving relationship with God. I have also experienced a transformational shift in my attitude about future relationships - in being okay with who I have been in the past and making positive changes to who I will be in the future, in believing in another person, and in seeing myself as a successful, worthy partner & parent in the future when that time comes. Splankna has been an incredible tool in the development of all of these positive changes in my life and working with Christina has been an absolute blessing. She is a magnificent practitioner - she is extraordinarily talented, intuitive, compassionate, and genuine in her care towards her patients. Splankna is something I highly recommend and will continue to receive care in, alongside my nutrition, chiropractic, and QNRT care."


"Christina has been my faith-based brain wellness practitioner for over a year. I’m astounded by her gifts as a practitioner and how she is guided by God during a session. I’ve noticed acute benefits, such as pain, headaches, brain fogginess, or irritability being relieved within the session. I’ve also noticed long term benefits, such as improved relationships, self-esteem, brain functioning, and decreased anxiety."


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